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About Us

We Are A People Committed To The Revival Of True Christianity

We strongly believe that Christianity is not a religion but an intimate, loving, and eternal relationship with God through faith in Christ Jesus; not devotion to a religious organization, institution, or denomination, but a pure devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

Our God-given vision at Heralds of Revival is “the Revival of True Christianity.”


We are a people of Christ who are passionately and relentlessly committed to the full restoration of “the faith of old,” which was once and for all delivered to the saints (that is, the lifestyle and body of teachings of Christ delivered to the early apostles of Christ and then passed down in the Church) and which we are exhorted to earnestly contend for, teach, proclaim, practice and protect (Jude 3).

We seek to accomplish our vision through our 24/7 Online Revival Today Radio, Revival Today Daily Devotional, Revival Today Weekly Audio Podcast, Heralds of Revival Bible College, Christ-centered publications, teachings, blogs, intercessions, and missions.