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by Jun 8, 2019June

“Truly You are God, who hide Yourself, O God of Israel, the Savior!” (Isaiah 45:15 NKJV)


The book of Esther is said to be one of the two books in the Bible where God’s name is not specifically or literally mentioned. The other book is the Song of Solomon.

But if you thoroughly study the book of Esther you will discover that although God’s name does not appear anywhere in any of the ten chapters of the book, yet God’s sovereignty, presence and providence pervade the entire book.

Although there was no account of God sending His prophets to His people or giving any dream, vision or revelation to anyone in the book of Esther, yet God’s presence with His people while in captivity in Babylon was undeniable.

The book of Esther clearly reveals that God still rules in the affairs and governments of men even when it seems that the wicked or the ungodly are in the position of authority and they seem to be waxing stronger, advancing or prospering in their wickedness.

The book of Esther is so unique in that it evidently reveals God’s unchanging love, timely help, and constant care for His people in their dark hours and when in dire need.

The dramatic events in the book of Esther are good references to God’s mercy and faithfulness in His dealings with His people even in their disobedience.

The book of Esther offers us a great hope, courage, comfort and strength in our dark moments or seasons in life.

By recollecting and meditating on God’s orchestrated events in the book of Esther you will certainly find the strength and courage you need to hope for God’s intervention or salvation when going through hard times and situations, or when God seems too remote and it appears that the wicked are waxing stronger in their wickedness (Rom. 15:4).

The first two chapters of the book of Esther plainly reveals that it is God who changes times and seasons, and who removes kings and raises up kings.

In a dramatic way, Queen Vashti was demoted and removed from the palace (Esth. 1:10-22). Then, according to God’s providence and purpose, Esther, a captive in Babylon obtained grace and favour in the sight of King Ahasuerus and she was loved more than all the beautiful virgins prepared and presented to the king and thus crowned as the queen instead of Vashti (Esth. 2:1-18).

Subsequent developments clearly revealed God’s plans and purposes for promoting Esther and relocating her to the palace as the queen.

God is indeed a Master strategist and planner. He knows how best to forestall and frustrate the wicked plots of the enemies of His people.

Eliphaz attests to this truth about God in the book of Job.

Job 5:

 12 He frustrates the devices of the crafty, So that their hands cannot carry out their plans.

 13 He catches the wise in their own craftiness, And the counsel of the cunning comes quickly upon them.

 14 They meet with darkness in the daytime, And grope at noontime as in the night.

 15 But He saves the needy from the sword, From the mouth of the mighty, And from their hand. (NKJV).

Undoubtedly, among several lessons, the book of Esther teaches us that God’s blessings or favour we receive in life are divine provision and preparation for us to fulfil our God-assigned unique responsibilities and purposes in our generation (Esth. 4:13-16).

God’s blessings are not for our self-gratification, boasting, or for us to simply consume upon our lusts. It is a sheer ignorance or immaturity to think that God just blesses and favours you only for your personal gratification or satisfaction.

Unfolding events recorded in Chapters 3, 4 and 5 of the book of Esther are quite distressing and disturbing for the Jews in Babylon.

Far away from their home country and in captivity in a godless nation, God’s people faced a threat of complete extermination by a voracious and highly influential enemy, Haman. The doom of the Jews seems sealed and it appears they will be swallowed up or swept away by the flood of the ungodly (Esth. 3:8-15).

Hearing about the evil plot of Haman, the Jews in Babylon mourned, wailed, fasted and prayed, laying in sackcloth and ashes (Esth. 4:1-17). Ironically, God remained silence to their loud, passionate and desperate cries and prayers for help and deliverance.

God sent them no prophet with words of comfort, hope and assurance. Neither did God give them any miraculous signs to assure them of His intervention. That period was indeed their dark hours in Babylon!

We can certainly identify with their distress and confusion stemming not only from the threat of their enemy, but also from the silence of their God.

However, the dramatic twist of events in Chapters 6, 7 and 8 of the book of Esther undoubtedly revealed that God’s silence to the desperate pleas and supplications of His people does not mean that God has forsaken His people, or that God would fail or forget to show Himself strong on behalf of His children.

In our times of distresses, when the wicked are boasting and scheming against us and they appear to be advancing in their wicked plots against us, and when it seems that God remains silence to our passionate and desperate cries for help and deliverance, we can be rest assured that just as it happened in the book of Esther the wicked will eventually fail and fall before us.

The Scripture amply affirms this truth.

Proverbs 11:

21 Though they join forces, the wicked will not go unpunished; but the posterity of the righteous will be delivered. (NKJV).

Proverbs 14:

19 The evil will bow before the good, and the wicked at the gates of the righteous. (NKJV).

Chapters 9 and 10 of the book of Esther highlight the triumph and rewards of the righteous. The battles against the righteous may be fierce and prolonged, yet God will see to it that the righteous triumphs.

The Scripture clearly states this truth.

Proverbs 29:

16 When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increases; but the righteous will see their fall. (NKJV).

Psalms 37:

32 The wicked watches the righteous, and seeks to slay him.

33 The LORD will not leave him in his hand, nor condemn him when he is judged. (NKJV).

Haman and his sons were hanged on the same gallows they had prepared for Mordecai and his family (Esth. 7:9-10).

The very day set for the Jews’ extermination in Babylon became the very day of the destruction of their enemies (Esth. 9:1-32).

Psalms 37:

 12 The wicked plots against the just, And gnashes at him with his teeth.

 13 The Lord laughs at him, For He sees that his day is coming. (NKJV).

Eventually, Mordecai’s resolution and refusal not to compromise his godly values and principles attracted great favour and rewards. He became highly blessed, influential, and respected in the entire kingdom of Babylon; for he was made second in rank to King Ahasuerus (Esth. 10:2-3).

Beloved, don’t compromise your faith or cast away your confidence in God. Though it may seem that the wicked, the unrighteous or ungodly are reigning, rejoicing, advancing or prospering now in their wickedness and ungodliness; fret not yourself, for they will not escape God’s fierce jugdement.

The Scripture amply affirms this truth.

Job 20:

 4 “Do you not know this of old, Since man was placed on earth,

 5 That the triumphing of the wicked is short, And the joy of the hypocrite is but for a moment?

 6 Though his haughtiness mounts up to the heavens, And his head reaches to the clouds,

 7 Yet he will perish forever like his own refuse; Those who have seen him will say, ‘Where is he?’

 8 He will fly away like a dream, and not be found; Yes, he will be chased away like a vision of the night.

 9 The eye that saw him will see him no more, Nor will his place behold him anymore.

 10 His children will seek the favor of the poor, And his hands will restore his wealth. (NKJV).

Psalms 37:

 1 Do not fret because of evildoers, Nor be envious of the workers of iniquity.

 2 For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, And wither as the green herb. (NKJV).

May you find and draw more courage and strength to pursue and stand for righteousness as you also read and study the book of Esther.


Prayer: My Dear Heavenly Father, I refuse to fret because of evil doers, but I receive today from You the courage and strength I need to always speak out and stand for righteousness in this ungodly generation, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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