Teaching Every Man In All Wisdom, So That We May Present Every Man Mature In Christ


God’s ability to answer our prayers is unquestionable. The Bible and history are replete with accounts and testimonies that prove beyond any reasonable doubt that God truly answers prayers. Not believing that God answers prayers is as worst as not believing in the existence of God!

Prayer is a divine communion between the Almighty God and mortal men. It is simply talking with God about everything. Prayer is a sincere communication or dialogue with God; it is not mere crying, talking or speaking to God. Although prayer is simple, yet it has profound effects and it produces amazing results. Prayer is powerful because the Almighty God…

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The gospel of Christ is essentially the message of the Cross. The Cross occupies a preeminent and central place in the Christian faith. Christianity without the Cross is void of power and it is just another vain religion or man’s futile effort to approach God and to earn God’s salvation on his own terms.

For the believers, the Cross is much more than a wooden vertical stake on which Jesus Christ died. It is neither a physical ornament for decoration nor a symbol for ceremonial purposes. What are the spiritual significances of the Cross of Christ. First, the Cross of Christ is God’s ultimate revelation and demonstration of His love…

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The book of Esther is said to be one of the two books in the Bible where God’s name is not specifically or literally mentioned. The other book is the Song of Solomon. But if you thoroughly study the book of Esther you will discover that although God’s name does not appear anywhere in any of the ten chapters of the book, yet God’s sovereignty, presence and providence pervade the entire book.

Although there was no account of God sending His prophets to His people or giving any dream, vision or revelation to anyone in the book of Esther, yet God’s presence with His people while in captivity in Babylon was undeniable…

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