Teaching Every Man In All Wisdom, So That We May Present Every Man Mature In Christ


The born-again believers don’t need to do anything to be in the Spirit; they are already in the Spirit. It is a sheer ignorance for you as a believer to be striving or seeking to get into the Spirit by any means – fasting and prayer.

As a result of the new birth, your spiritual condition, position, location, habitation and eternal destination have changed completely and permanently.

Having been born of the Spirit, you are no longer confined to a life in the flesh. You are now living in the Spirit and thus free to operate and walk in the Spirit or according to the Spirit (John 3:6)…

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The product of the new or spiritual birth is not a better, improved, reformed, or refined old self, but a new creation, a new self, a new being.

Your daily victory over Sin and Satan lies in you walking in the revelation knowledge that you are now a new creation, person, or being in Christ, by reason of your spiritual union with Christ.

If you fail to embrace, believe and live by the spiritual truth that you are now a new creation in Christ you will still continue to struggle and suffer under the tyranny of Sin and Satan…

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Although our debased society no longer scowl or frown at fornication and adultery, yet sex before or outside marriage is still a sin and unacceptable to God.

Even though our ungodly society today now accommodates and celebrates homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality and other sexual perversions, yet God still regard them as sins and abominations.

How can we stand against today’s evil sexual tide or invasion? How do we overcome sexual temptations that come our ways on a daily basis and stay sexually pure in today’s immoral society?

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