Teaching Every Man In All Wisdom, So That We May Present Every Man Mature In Christ


You are not a normal human being if you have no feelings or emotions. But, you are a fool if you cannot control your feelings. The Scripture says: “A fool vents all his feelings, but a wise man holds them back.” (Prov. 29:11 NKJV).

God created us with capacity to evince or express diverse emotions. Without such capacity, we are not better than robots.

A world full of people without any emotions would certainly be very dull and boring. In contrast, a world full of people with no control over their emotions would certainly be a wild…

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In a swift response to the distressful news of the deplorable condition of the Jewish exiles who had returned to Jerusalem, Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem to encourage and mobilize his people to rebuild the broken wall of Jerusalem and repair its burnt gates.

But, when their adversaries led by Sanballat and Tobiah saw that Nehemiah and his work force were making significant progress in rebuilding the broken wall of Jerusalem, they became very angry and employed several means to stop them. The principal weapon they employed against them was fear. They employed every means to frighten…

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The born-again believers don’t need to do anything to be in the Spirit; they are already in the Spirit. It is a sheer ignorance for you as a believer to be striving or seeking to get into the Spirit by any means – fasting and prayer.

As a result of the new birth, your spiritual condition, position, location, habitation and eternal destination have changed completely and permanently.

Having been born of the Spirit, you are no longer confined to a life in the flesh. You are now living in the Spirit and thus free to operate and walk in the Spirit or according to the Spirit (John 3:6)…

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