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Teaching Every Man In All Wisdom, So That We May Present Every Man Mature In Christ


Many peoples, nations, rulers, authorities, or governments in the world still don’t recognize or surrender to the Lordship of Jesus. Many people in the world still disbelief, disdain, or discard the incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, or divinity of Jesus. In history, many people have even claimed to be Jesus the Messiah.

Although Christ has received all authority over all things, not all things are now seen under His feet. That is because Christ has not exerted His authority to bring all things in subjection under His feet forcefully. However, God’s ultimate plan is to sum up all things in Christ—bring everything together in heaven and on earth under the headship, Lordship, or authority of the Lord Jesus Christ…

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The new or spiritual birth product is not a better, improved, reformed, or refined old self, but an entirely new creation, a new self, a new being in Christ. The Greek word translated “new” in this scripture is “kainos,” and it simply means “new in every respect.”

Respect form implies “recently made, fresh, recent, unused, and unworn.” As respects substance, it means “new kind, unprecedented, novel, uncommon, unheard of” (Thayer’s Greek Lexicon).

In other words, the day you were born again, a brand new, fresh, and unprecedented being come into existence. What happened to your old or former self, who was corrupt, hostile, stubborn, and rebellious to God?

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When a man dies, his body or remains must be done away lest it constitutes a terrible nuisance. Likewise, it is your responsibility to put off or do away with “the body of sin” the old man left behind in your mind lest it constitutes a nuisance or hindrance to your daily walk with the Lord Jesus.

Sadly, many believers do nothing about the remains or residues of the old man left behind in their minds. This is why many believers are still living, walking, or operating according to the old man or sinful nature. The renewing of your mind is the process of getting rid, clearing away, or putting off the remains, residues, imprints, ambitions, desires, or mindsets of the old man which are still stored in your natural mind after you are born again…

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